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Why you don’t want a ‘big fish’ media placement

Once upon a time there was a show called “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” On it, famous people jumped on coaches, people got Oprah’s favorite things and brands would do anything for Queen O’s coveted stamp of approval.

“We want to be on ‘Oprah,’” they’d say. Sure, we’d reply. Not gonna happen. As disappointment washed across their face, we’d explain that it’s unrealistic to expect to get on “Oprah,” though it would be awesome. And there are better ways for us to spend your money. AKA, there more valuable media outlets for your audience.

Not all successful media campaigns reel in big fish. Sure, it feels great when you land on “Ellen” or on the front page of a major newspaper or the cover of a magazine. But smaller placements can be just as valuable, if not more.

Why? Because you have zeroed in on your target audience. That can mean a placement in a niche magazine, a politician’s newsletter or even a retweet by a respected industry influencer. When you refocus your energy on the places where your audience – or a segment of your audience – lives, you create more valuable opportunities.

At Green Collar Communications, we advocate for a highly targeted approach, examining sales cycles, audience and customer data, and leveraging our own research and relationships to find the most potent media opportunities for our clients.

We’ll never give up on the dream of Oprah, because if it happens, that would be awesome. But a dollar goes a lot further strategically than running on a dream.

What’s your story? Green Collar Communications is a digital marketing and PR agency serving companies in the green economy. We help bring your eco-friendly story to more people, helping you get more leads and clients. Interested in working with us? Contact us today.

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